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What is Topstars?

About Us

‘Shoprite Topstars’ is a singing, talent and performance competition offered by the ‘Shoprite Group of Companies’ to all of its employees. The programme presents you with a distinctive opportunity to test and nurture your character and is intentionally designed to impart life skills that are relevant to both the workplace and your daily existence. Singing and performing is merely the vehicle we utilise as a means to achieve the above. We believe in encouraging balance. Therefore, TOPSTARS is your moment to explore your creativity through the art of singing and performing whilst testing, nurturing and exceeding the limitations of your character.

An Audience totalling thousands – from around the continent – will emerge upon both the, semi-final ‘Roadshow’ and ‘Grand Finale’ events in support of you and your colleagues. This is a golden opportunity for you to represent both yourself and your store to the fullest by means of doing your utmost to deliver the performance of your life! Only ‘Shoprite Group’ employees may participate in the ‘Shoprite | Topstars’ competition. Merchandisers may not participate in the ‘Shoprite | Topstars’ competition.

‘Shoprite Topstars’ is an annual competition.